Saturday, November 04, 2006

Now,i already know more about his family.And,his 11 year old sister is now my friend.We are getting closer.I think that i'm even closer to his sister.With his sister around,he can't cheat me because his sister will tell me everything that he do.She also told me that his brother really love me.He only love me.Hehe...That's so brave of him.I thought that he's a coward.There's many more i want to write about both of them but there's too many lar...So,i'll continue my story next time.bye

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This year's Hari Raya is different for me because i already have someone in my life.His name is Hafiz.He's so sweet and caring.He's also not the type of guy who is jealous easily.He takes things seriously and he's a calm person.He don't like to scold people.But his word sometimes hurt my feelings.But i don't really mind because i love him.It's a great feeling to have someone by your side to make you laugh,to take good care of you and definitely to love you.I'm so glad that i met him.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

i'm so excited...The world cup is coming.i've waited for this very moment to come.of course ENGLAND is my favourite team.My whole family are actually supporting BRAZIL.So i will feel left out.I hope that this will be ENGLAND'S 2nd year lifting the world's most wanted's like 7 more hours.So till here...BYE..

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Do you need permission from someone in order for you to read their blog?I think it is absolutely NO.Blog is an online diary.You can't blame on a person if he or she does not seek permission before reading your blog.So,if you don't want people to read your blog,my advised to you is that,you better have your own personal diary.Blog is for you to share your feelings and thoughts,not for you to write bad things about the people you hate.You may say that this is your blog but still you don't have the right to criticize people in your blog.This is the problem now.People have misused blog.They didn't think before writing.So,before you want to write anything that concerns somebody,think first.

fo @ 11:56 PM

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